Two companies merge to accelerate the human potential of biology


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity


Strateos is working towards a world where new cures, diagnostics, and biological tools can be rapidly developed to broadly impact society and the delivery of healthcare.


We had the pleasure of bringing 3Scan & Transcriptic together as Strateos, a new merged company working to accelerate the potential of biology.

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We were introduced to Strateos as a newly incorporated company in need of a new, robust identity to guide the team for years to come.

With two distinct teams and pioneering technologies now under one roof, Strateos’s full offering as a company was genre-defying.

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The new logo is designed with a wordmark that typographically nods to modern innovation while the icon boldly expresses forward motion.

Strateos 4

We chose Axia as the core typeface, which nods to modern innovation.

The color palette expresses the genre-bending qualities with bold unexpected combinations; the signature green highlights and invigorates with vibrant energy.

Strateos 6

The illustration system boldly represents the inner workings of Strateos’s cutting-edge science. Shapes combine in endless ways to provide a robust toolkit for the brand.

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Kelsey Aroian

Strategy & Production

Vanessa Koch

Creative Director

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Ryan Prudhomme