Getting everyone the mental health care they need, when they need it


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design


Monarch is a directory of mental health professionals and resources designed to help people find the right therapist and get the support they need.


Paladar was brought in to build the Monarch brand identity from the ground up and then extend a robust visual language across the brand’s core touch points.

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We began working with the Monarch team six months into a global pandemic that brought with it an assault on our mental health and a sharp uptick in feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty. In such a tumultuous time, this project couldn’t have been more timely.

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Monarch’s mission is to be a connection point for all people seeking solace, insight, and resources plus an efficient, effective channel for navigating the often daunting experience of finding treatment for behavioral and mental health.

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The audience for this project was broad: anyone and everyone who was seeking mental health help for themselves or a loved one. After many workshops with the team, we aligned on four core attributes and guideposts for the brand:

Monarch should feel trustworthy.

Monarch should feel patient.

Monarch should feel soulful.

Monarch should feel like a breath of fresh air.


We designed a logo inspired by the transformation and flight path of a monarch butterfly and a color palette and type system that felt welcoming and flexible.

A system for expressive typography can be used as a path or emphasis in storytelling the pattern language adds depth and warmth throughout the brand and it's touchpoints.

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The heart of the brand is in the illustration. We brought in the exceptional Rebecca Clarke to help us translate our vision for a surreal and inclusive portrayal of everyday people and to build out a library of custom portraits, scenes, and spot illustrations.

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After the brand was finalized, we applied the new system to Monarch’s core touch points across web, social, campaigns, and more.

The goal for each channel is to connect people to the help they need in the easiest way possible but also to remove stigma and offer a welcoming community to support every stage of every person’s pursuit of wellness.

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Vanessa Koch

Creative Director

Jessica Strelioff

Design Director

Kelsey Aroian

Strategy Director

Amanda Buzard

Web Design

Rebecca Clarke


Matt Faller


Simoul Alva


Spencer Russell

Motion Graphics