A better web experience for a fine art printing institution


Brand Design, Web Design, Web Development


Lightsource is a full-service fine art printing studio for artists, galleries, museums, and people who love pictures.


Lightsource asked us to elevate their entire web experience and design and develop a brand new site on mobile and web.

Lightsource is an SF institution that has been serving the artist community for over 30 years, providing an array of high-end print services to their customers. Their quality and level of detail is unmatched.

We were asked to elevate their web experience to match the artistry they deliver to their clients on a day-to-day basis and to imagine a brand new ordering experience.

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We designed a new homepage, studio page, blog, and services pages that highlight Lightsource’s core offerings: fine art printing, artwork capture, and drum scanning.

We chose to create a gallery feel throughout with open white space that highlights diverse artwork and photography.

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Kelsey Aroian

Project Lead

Amanda Buzard


Alex Harris