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Storyworth is a service that allows you to preserve your most meaningful memories and connect to your loved ones through story.


Our team overhauled the Storyworth brand from the ground up with a new brand strategy, verbal identity, and visual identity and applied them to core touch points across web, product, and packaging.

Storyworth has always been about connecting through story. When we were approached to breathe new life into the Storyworth brand, the service had grown into a shared experience where over 100,000 people had shared countless stories of their lives.

Our goal was to bring a new brand to life--one that would continue to inspire connection for even more people--connection to their lives, to the past, to family, to friends, and each other.

Storyworth brand design 2

As always, our process started with a month of strategy where we dug into the product and company and conducted hours of research and interviews. What came through this work was just how much power stories have and how we wanted Storyworth to be an invitation to remember and connect.

We built the brand around a new brand purpose: To inspire connection through story and 4 key attributes that are unique to the Storyworth experience: a safe keeper, a spark, a thoughtful guide, and a warm embrace.

Storyworth brand design 4

The core elements of the brand are logo, typography, color, painterly illustrations, and custom photography.

Storyworth’s new logo was designed to feel classic yet fresh, with scaleable details that would allow it to live on the spine of a book or on a large outdoor ad campaign.

To craft the visual identity, we pulled inspiration from the history of bookmaking and editorial layouts. Typography scale and layout play add visual interest and are a nod to that visual research.

Storyworth brand design 3 Storyworth brand design 5

Photography and illustration are a core part of the Storyworth brand.

We commissioned a library of whimsical, colorful illustrations from Charlotte Trounce to inspire stories to leap off of screen. Her illustrations bring us back to memories of family, community, traveling, and falling in love for the first time.

We also produced a photoshoot with the wonderful Describe the Fauna team that was centered around the storytellers and their books.

Sw Storyworth brand design 12 Storyworth brand design 8
Storyworth brand design 14 Storyworth brand design 6 Storyworth brand design 13

In addition to the look and feel of Storyworth, we also tackled a new verbal identity to guide what Storyworth says and how.

We laid out guidelines for voice and tone and a robust messaging framework to use in everything from marketing campaigns to customer support messages.

Sw2 Storyworth brand design 7 Storyworth brand design 11

After we finalized the identity, we set out to apply the brand to the most important customer touchpoints for Storyworth: a new homepage, emails, packaging, and book covers.

Storyworth brand design 15 min Storyworth brand design 16 Storyworth brand design 17 Storyworth brand design 18

We talked to several top branding firms, and we are SO happy that we chose to work with Paladar. The brand strategy they articulated is incredibly thoughtful, and the final brand guidelines are gorgeous and detailed. Just as importantly, Kelsey, Vanessa, Jessica and their team of collaborators are all delightful people to work with. We loved them so much that we extended our project with them.

Nick Baum

CEO, Storyworth


Kelsey Aroian, Jessica Strelioff

Brand Directors

Jessica Strelioff

Creative Director

Kelsey Aroian

Strategy Director

Danielle LaRoy

Verbal Identity

Cori Corinne, Vanessa Koch, Ryan Prudhomme


Charlotte Trounce


Describe the Fauna