Bringing product & brand to life for a new recruiting tool


Product Strategy, Product Design, Brand Design, Copywriting


Gem is an all-in-one platform for modern, human-centered recruiting.


In the company’s earliest stages, we teamed up to launch and expand the product and build a cohesive and extensible brand system.

Paladar's work for Gem has given us a solid foundation to scale as a product and company. Paladar's team designed a seamless system across marketing and product.

Nick Bushak

Co-founder, Gem

We designed the Zensourcer brand with a balance of smart efficiency and personalized touch. They are all about humans connecting with humans, helped by smart software.

We expressed the flow of energy experienced by efficient teams through minimal graphic shapes.


We dialed into tone of voice alongside look and feel, resulting in a cohesive brand expression that harkened back to the brand attributes we established on day one.


Then, we established a new UI system and tied the brand together across marketing and product.

Gem1c Gem 1


Vanessa Koch