Leading a suite of brands to a successful IPO


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Campaigns


EngageSmart is the standard for dependable, frictionless interactions between companies and their customers. They are the parent brand of a wide suite of vertical solutions.


The EngageSmart team needed a strategic redesign and repositioning of their brand that would lead the company to IPO.

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After a long collaboration with the SimplePractice organization, our team was pulled in to elevate their parent brand as they prepared for their initial public offering.

EngageSmart encompasses 4 distinct vertical solutions with 4 distinct brands.

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After weeks of strategy, we decided to move forward with a hybrid approach for this house of brands by developing a unique and sturdy identity for EngageSmart that would compliment but not overpower the individual solutions.

With investors and employees in mind, we set out to articulate a unified point-of-view for EngageSmart, one that felt simple but powerful, sophisticated, and empowering.

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We built out a functional and simple system grounded in navy and white and elevated by a delightful and flexible iconography system.

Range was important here, too. The system had to work at a large scale for out of home advertisements on launch day and at a small scale for data-driven moments in the company's S-1.

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On September 23rd, the EngageSmart team rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange and celebrated a wildly successful IPO.

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Vanessa Koch

Design Director

Kelsey Aroian

Strategy Director

Jared Granger, Lauren Michael