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Who partners with companies at their earliest stages, supporting their mission with capital investment and hands-on guidance.


We were brought in to develop a new brand narrative, identity, and website that would resonate with exceptional founders.

Group 1670

As geared up for launch and raising an initial round, they needed a powerful brand strategy and identity to guide the fund for years to come.

We worked closely with Nadav Eylath,’s founder, to craft a cohesive brand story and mission statement and to codify brand attributes and audiences personas.

It's been such a great experience working with Paladar. They drive process and execute flawlessly and the quality of their work is top-notch and unique.

Nadav Eylath


Group 1738

We built an expansive identity system around two concepts of structure & movement. A 60 degree angle is a sturdy beam in a physical space, just as helps lay down a stable foundation for long-term company success. also sparks momentum and instigates upward movement and growth from the very beginning of a company’s life cycle.

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We built out an animated illustration library for directional movement that was utilized across web and print. The forward slash repeats across an invisible grid as a way to visualize the feeling of upward momentum and sometimes turns into a wheel indicating that energy is building.

Color and motion also played a big role to highlight energy and inflection points.

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We led the application of the brand across web design and development and print materials.

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Creative Director

Vanessa Koch


Kelsey Aroian


Skinny Ships

Web Design

Jess Strelioff

Web Development

Keenan Payne