Paladar Studio is run by Kelsey Aroian and Vanessa Koch, who first met while they were leading marketing campaigns and design teams at Asana. They took a long road trip through California and talked about what would happen if they collaborated to bring more color into the world. Paladar is the home they built, a kitchen for projects and creative collaborators.


 some folks we’ve worked with


Huh? What’s a Paladar?


In Cuba, “paladares” are family restaurants who serve creative home-cooked meals.


“Paladares” began popping up after the Cuban government legalized certain privately-owned businesses during the economic hardships of the 90s. The restaurants were a stark counterpoint to state-run restaurants, and food was crafted with the crucial ingredients of improvisation and creativity. If you visit Cuba today, paladares are still the place for authentic, ever-changing fare.