So, what's a paladar?

In Cuba, paladares are family restaurants that serve authentic, home-cooked meals. These neighborhood eateries are known for crafting their menus with the crucial ingredients of creativity and improvisation. Paladar Studio is the home we've built, a place to cook up impactful brands and stories. Come on in.

Approach to work
(and life).

We think designers can facilitate understanding and tangibility by embedding our work with qualities that people can feel on the other end.

We try to come at problems from a collaborative and humble mindset. Silos create tunnel vision; we are excited by the strength of multi-disciplinary teams working together.

We believe in nice people, projects for that support the collective good, and always getting our hands a little messy with paint.

  • Make it artful.
  • Lead with empathy.
  • Collaborate to create.
  • Operate from abundance.
  • Stir the pot.